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Mitsubishi Gas Chemical's AGELESS® is the world's foremost brand of Oxygen Absorber. AGELESS oxygen absorbers are used to extend shelf life and protect the quality of food, pharmaceutical and industrial products. When used in combination with gas barrier packaging, AGELESS can create oxygen-free conditions, thus removing the need for additives to maintain product quality, and dramatically prolonging shelf-life.


RP System RP System® is designed for the storage of industrial products, but has also found application in the conservation of sensitive artefacts in museums. RP System uses RP Agent sachets and bags or enclosures made of high gas barrier films (eg Escal film). RP Agent can absorb oxygen, moisture and corrosive gases, e.g., hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride. Escal transparent high gas barrier film has very extremely low oxygen transmission rate and lowest water vapor transmission rate in the market.


Keepsafe Microclimate Systems is proud to represent AGELESS® and RP System products in Canada. Please explore our site, or click here to send an inquiry regarding the use of Ageless products.


Click here for information on using AGELESS® oxygen absorbers for oxygen-free storage and treatment of infestations in museums and archives.





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